The mayoral race

Johnson 'would destroy London's unity' as mayor
Doreen Lawrence, the mother of the murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence, yesterday launched a fierce personal attack on Boris Johnson, saying he would destroy multicultural London if elected mayor, and that no informed black person would vote for him.

Ms Lawrence, who does not normally become involved in party politics, said she had been moved to make the criticisms by her anger at Mr Johnson's attitude to the Macpherson inquiry in 1999 into the Metropolitan police's failure to bring her son's killers to justice 14 years ago.

The biggest threat to young black men in London doesn't come from buffoons like Boris Johnson but from other young black men in London. Speak up about that, Mrs Lawrence, and you'll gain some respect from me.

And while you are at it would you mind calling on members of your 'community' to come forward and provide evidence to help the police convict the killer of P.C. Blakelock?  Call me old fashioned but murdering a community copper with the intention of sticking his head on a pole and parading it through the streets doesn't seem to me like a great way of celebrating multicultural London either.