Outraged, bigoted, fatheaded, amateur, boring, fraudulent apex predator

Dennis The Peasant: The Six (Seven, Actually) Deadly Blogging Sinners
...as you cannot pay me to listen to talk radio or watch anything on Fox News, I am going to stick to listing the blogosphere's seven worst right-wing bloggers. And believe me, the names I came up with literally leapt off my computer screen.

Beyond that, though, I intend to use my list of bloggers to illustrate what I consider to be the Six Deadly Sins of the political blogosphere. Each selected blogger is, in my opinion, the very personification of the sins themselves. Understand, however, that these transgressions are by no means unique to the bloggers I am presenting here. Nor are they the sole province of right-wing bloggers.

What they are, in my opinion, is a set of sins that are slowly herding the political blogosphere towards the sort of intellectual irrelevance one associates with the Jerry Springer Show.

Dennis's list will be US centred but I would love to see someone do something similar over here. This is his list. Oh god, it's soooo tempting:

The Amateur (the sin of being amateurish),
The Fraud (the sin of pride),
The Bore (the sin of being self-absorbed),
The Well-Meaning Fathead (the sin of being simple),
The Outrage Artist (the sin of being unthinking),
The Bigot (the sin of unreasoned hating), and
The Apex Predator.

He's already started the list with 'Pammycakes', Pamela Geller, who blogs at Atlas Shrugs. She's his nomination for 'The Amateur' category. Who would the UK equivalent be? Mmmmmmm.