No, I invented Facebook! from: The (non) Life of Aaron

Who Invented Facebook…And Who Cares?
Aaron Greenspan is so important that at age 24, he has already written an autobiography. In it, he explains how he - not Mark Zuckerberg or the ConnectU founders - was the original creator of Facebook, a site now worth many billions of dollars. “This book is partly a search for justice”, he writes of his struggle...Greenspan has yet to find a publisher for his autobiography.
I loved this updated piece on the drawn-out Facebook saga from Mashable:
It began back in 1997, years before Zuckerberg even considered his Facebook project. I was considering a way to include high school or college photographs in a printed book, and came up with a concept I called Faces Book. Now that may sound a little similar to the “yearbooks” that existed at the time, but this had a totally different name. And notice how similar that name is to what Zuckerberg would later develop!

Now I didn’t actually produce this Faces Book, just thought about it, but I just created the image above to show what it would have looked like. Another startling fact: I had considered letting people write sentiments on each other’s Faces Books - pretty similar to “The Wall”, don’t you think? Since two people never think of the same idea at a similar time, I can only conclude that Zuckerberg used a mind-reading contraption to literally steal the idea from my brain. This will be the basis of my $1 billion lawsuit to be filed later this month.