All the King's horses...

A special Channel 4 News report from the combat medical hospitals in Iraq, shows the physical and psychological cost of the war.

At Baghdad's Combat Support Hospital, the Black Hawks are coming in thick and fast, ferrying America's war-wounded straight off the battlefield; more than 27,000 of them in four-and-a-bit years.

They are bloodying these operating tables day in, day out, more since the surge say the military medics; more US troops to be injured -- or killed. "We had the surge; and it kinda waxes and wanes; I don't know. We've had a lot more casualties coming in," says Major William White, Nurse Manager...

"That's the most horrific thing I've seen in my ten years in medicine. Can you ever be 100 per cent prepared for what you see? No."
- Paul Corcoran, Chief Surgeon

The US takes almost half its casualties in Anbar Province,northwest of Baghdad. Orderlies and gurneys are on permanent standby at the Al-Asad Combat Hospital.