Talking to Ahmadinejad

Channel 4 - News - Snowmail: talking to Ahmadinejad
What does president Ahmadinejad make of Britain's withdrawal from Basra? Does he still feel is country is a target for American and Israeli bombardment? Is he seriously interested in opening a high level path towards talks with the Western World?

All this and much more at 7, live with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Jon Snow is in Terhan and will be interviewing Ahmadinejad live for Channel 4 News tonight. Should be interesting. I hope to get the interview uploaded to YouTube as soon as I've transcoded it.

Update: Bloody YouTube, the video is 'too long' and is rejected but not until after an age uploading and transcoding the thing. Grrrr! I'm streaming it myself now. It took about 11 minutes to upload the video to BYOAudio and about another 7 or 8 to transcode.