UK Webhosting - Who cares?

We use goods and services made and provided all over the world. If there is one area of activity which is perfectly compatible with a global market it is web hosting. Leaving aside large corporate customers, who might have complex requirements, there is no good reason for most webmasters to host their sites with a UK based company. Just on cost alone the UK companies loose out.

So, as much as I would welcome any changes in UK libel laws which might have prevented the take down of the sites of Craig Murray et al,  being realistic and faced with a parliament stuffed with lawyers I think, as my old friend used to say, we've got two hopes...Bob Hope and no hope.

But so what? Who cares? If there wasn't a perfectly acceptable alternative there might be a case for getting all worked up over a change to the law (even though I think it would be an exercise in urinating into a strong breeze) but there is an alternative. So fuck Fasthosts and fuck all the rest of them. Use one of the several thousand webhosts out there that cannot be forced to remove your site or any material published on it merely by the threat of legal action in the UK.

Although, let's be honest, nobody's going to get a mention in the next Britblog Roundup for posting: "use a US webhost" are they?