Prime Minister NOT President - Doh!

Some bloke from Human Resources:
The opportunity to win a General Election and negate the fact that he has seized power in a bloodless coup has just whizzed past Gordon Brown.
Yawn, yawn, fucking yawn. Tony Blair was voted into parliament as an MP by his constituents, just like all the other MPs and the leadership of the Labour party was (and is) decided by, erm, the Labour party. It's not undemocratic and to call Brown's election to the leadership a 'bloodless coup' , even with tongue firmly in cheek is risible.

It's got fuck all to do with anyone outside the Labour party whether Gordon Brown is leader (and therefore PM) or not. It certainly has fuck all to do with members and supporters of You Kip.

And do any of the Tories yapping on about legitimising his leadership with an election honestly believe that their gormless Old Etonian stands a cat-in-hell's chance of winning if he did? Maybe they just want to get it all over with so they can start the hunt for the next poor Tory Twat to lead them. Boris anyone? Ha ha!