Twittering, tumbling...oh what fun

I'm not making any lists of stuff that happened in 2007 or predictions about stuff that will happen in 2008 but I will say one thing. Microblogging and Tumblelogging are going to take off in a big way this year.

So, get yourself to Twitter and join in the fun. Ignore people who think it's just about informing the world when you've had a shower or lunch (although there is that and why not?) and dive in. The limit is 140 characters per post and you'll be surprised at just how adequate that is in most cases. Here's my Twitter page

Then start a Tumblr site. Blogging at it's purest and simplest. Absolutely brilliant. I love Tumblr and I'm advising anyone who is contemplating blogging to start off there. I'm playing around with three sites at the moment one of which I've linked to from the side bar. It's an image dump. Just a bit of fun. And it really should be fun, shouldn't it?