Try the boy scouts, chum

MoD denies 'war glamour' claim
The government has denied claims the British armed forces are glamorising war to boost recruitment. The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust says recruits are unable to make informed choices about enlisting...
What bollocks! Any young person who signs up for the Army (and, let's face it, it's the army we are talking about, not the RAF or the Royal Navy) without fully understanding that they will almost certainly get sent to some godforsaken shithole, thousands of miles away to get shot at by swarthy men in robes and turbans determined to kill them must have just woken from a coma.

Barry Donnan was in the Army for six years and served in the first Gulf War, and thinks more should be done to highlight the life-threatening dangers (sic) that new recruits could face.
WTF? There's a big clue here somewhere. Could it be the fact that these new recruits are joining something called - THE FUCKING ARMY!