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Liberal Conspiracy - It’s not the BNP but it is the next best [worst] thing…

It's unlikely that you haven't checked out Unity's piece at Liberal Conspiracy but if not please do. I have sometimes found Unity a touch long-winded** in the past but there is no doubt that when he's on form he is absolutely cracking and this post is a fine example. In it he tackles Donal Blaney, the lawyer friend of chubby blogger and serial hypocrite, Paul Staines - aka Guido.  Blaney whinges about the BBC providing an 'Asian Network' and wonders why there isn't a network devoted to 'White Middle Class Hetereosexuals' or indeed gormless, chinless, Tory, toss-pot bloggers, come to that.

Unity defenestrates Guido's answer to Lord Goodman pretty comprehensively but the most entertaining part follows in the lively comments section. I'm always on the lookout for the pithy phrase or quote in an article which sums things up so well that I needn't make the effort to add anything myself, being by nature extremely lazy and this is the paragraph that did it for me:

So is my local ASDA bowing to ‘political correctness’, ‘pandering to minority groups’ or indulging in discriminatory practices when stocks Halal or Kosher products? Or is it merely servicing a growing local market, which is precisely how what is now the BBC’s Asian Network originated and why it has since grown to become a national digital network.
Nuff said really!

**Update...Erm! :(