(News)Fired up again

NewsFire (for Mac OS X)

Newsfire has been updated and is now available completely free of charge. I have used NewsFire off and on for years and it is a lovely app. The main whinge has always been that the developer seemed uninterested in providing any sort of support. He would say, and has said, that he is too busy working and developing other applications to be able to provide any kind of response to users queries, which is fair enough but not really a satisfactory answer for paying customers. Well now it's free and so we can't expect anything from the developer beyond this (very fine) newsreader.

I've now migrated back to NewsFire from NetNewsWire, which was also made available free of charge recently. It seems that web based readers, in particular Google Reader, are dominating the market. I still like my desktop based reader and, for the time being at least, that is going to be NewsFire once more.