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The Spectator:  Al-Qa’eda’s secret UK gangs: terror as a ‘playground dare’
After 12 thwarted plots and three failed ones, the picture of the enemy has never been clearer. The typical British terrorist is not angry about poverty (as Cabinet Office guidance suggested four years ago) but is usually an apparently well-integrated Muslim who is likely to have a degree, often in engineering. Frequently, however, he will be in a relatively low-prestige job and may find a macabre attraction in the profile of a suicide bomber. What is common to all is a psychological trait it is all but impossible to screen for: the need for a substitute family, a willingness to be brainwashed by al-Qa’eda. (emphasis mine)
This MI5 puff-piece was supposedly 'written' by Fraser Nelson. I think in this case 'written' means the same as 'photocopied'.