Giving it the finger

Medicine's Cutting Edge: Re-Growing Organs, The Future Is Here: Regenerative Powder, Ink Jet Heart Cells And Custom-Made Body Parts - CBS News

There's a big fuss being made, apparently, about a guy who's severed fingertip grew back when he sprinkled some special powder made from pig's bladders that his research scientist brother sent him.

If that's a miracle then what happened to me 25 years ago must be even more miraculous because my fingertip grew back without the use of any magic powder at all. After severing the tip of my finger in a bakery machine the doctors decided to leave it and see if it would grow back by itself. It's a process known as 'granulation' and only occurs on fingers and toes. Sure enough, with nothing more magical than twice daily dressings by the district nurse and some vitamin E cream the entire fingertip, skin, nail and fingerprint, grew back perfectly.