Drug policy headache

Reason Magazine - Strip for the Principal

When drugs were found in a classroom a student ended up being taken to the Principal's office:
Savana Redding, an eighth grade honor roll student at Safford Middle School in Tucson, Arizona, was pulled from class.  Redding said she had never seen the [drugs] before and agreed to a search of her
possessions, (the principal) searched Redding's backpack and found nothing...the administrative assistant then took Redding to the school nurse's office in order to perform a strip search.

In the school nurse's office, Redding was ordered to strip to her underwear. She was then commanded to pull her bra out and to the side, exposing her breasts, and to pull her underwear out at the crotch, exposing her pelvic area. The strip search failed to uncover any drugs.
And what, exactly, were the drugs that were originally found and which led to this search?

Two Ibuprofen.