A load of Hari (Monk)

Johann Hari: I like to be informed – but TV's not helping
What is the effect on British politics when television coverage – the public's main way of learning about how their country and planet is run – is distorted or disappears? Democracy doesn't work properly. Look at the current London mayoral elections. If you go through the polling issue-by-issue, the London electorate agrees with Ken's policies over Boris's by a very large margin (with the single exception of immigration). They also think Ken is more competent than Boris. Yet it looks likely they will elect Boris next month. Why? Because they don't know the policies. The media has simply failed to tell them: it has offered them a London game-show instead.
So Londoners prefer Ken's policies but they are still going to vote for Boris because they...erm..."don't know the policies".

Jeez. Does Hari even read through what he writes?