On Feminism: "Gretchen Marcotte-Pinth-Garnell"

Dennis The Peasant: An Open Letter to Radical Women of Color From Amanda Marcotte's Sister
While I'm not a feminist myself, and I'm about as white as you can get, even I understand that feminism is not merely a movement about middle-class white women and their interests. Rather, it's about a movement of middle-class white women trying to interest middle-class non-white women in their interests. In that sense, feminism is about black women, brown women, yellow women, queer women, straight women and women likely to feel put upon. It is about making the world a better place for middle-class white women, middle-class Radical Women of Color and those middle-class white men who submit to the dictates of middle-class white feminism, and it is a cause that should - in theory - unite all of you guys. Girls. Ladies… Whatever.

Can we at least agree upon that? I mean, that’s basically the rhetoric of inclusion and diversity and whatnot that you like to throw in the faces of those you disagree with, right?