We have stayed out of all the politics

Wootton Bassett, outpost of lost England -  Frank Skinner
It’s as if the town has deliberately placed itself in the unquestioning past — in a time before anti-war riots and Iraq inquiries. Wootton Bassett seems, from afar at least, a glimpse of that Great Britain that makes a lot of people, including the BNP’s Nick Griffin, go dewy-eyed with nostalgia. Maybe Nick Griffin is a bad example. Well, obviously Nick Griffin is a bad example but I mean a bad example in this particular context. One would guess there isn’t often a tear in Nick Griffin’s eye — unless, of course, the wind suddenly changes at a book-burning — however, he does seem to get genuinely sentimental when he hankers for a lost Britain.
I spotted a link to this piece by Frank Skinner and got the wrong end of the stick. I marched over ready to slag it off only to find a thoughtful, considered and well-written piece. Check it out.