Plus ça change

normblog: Non-paradox in Norway

Some things never change. Geras is still banging on about the 'just war'.

It's Afghanistan, this time. After all, he got his fingers burnt defending the Iraq fiasco and eventually withdrew his support for it when even he had to admit that on the most conservative estimates the 'just warriors of the west' had ended up killing or causing the deaths of many more Iraqis than the evil Saddam.

Whatever did come out of all that Euston Manifesto bollocks, by the way?

Update: I've just taken a peek. The website seems to be supported almost singlehandedly by wedding photographer Damian Counsell who was responsible for eight out of the ten posts this year. Interest seems, erm, low. The ten posts managed to produce just a single comment (someone moaning about Arab anti-Semitism, natch).