Last ever PaperRound :(

Make the most of it, people. This is the last Specific weekend)PaperRound I'll be posting. There will be rolling links to news stories in the sidebar again, like there used to be, added as and when I feel like it. But I wont be getting up early on Saturdays and Sundays to find twenty interesting news items to link to! I'm making changes to my online presence (as it is pretentiously referred to) which includes closing down my "MrPower" Twitter account and revamping this blog as a more personal webspace. In the meantime I'm taking a nice break until the new year. I've enjoyed doing the PaperRound over the years and, indeed, I've enjoyed both blogging and Tweeting but things change and both activities are far less rewarding than they used to be. Like many bloggers I know, I hardly read blogs anymore and rarely post anything here beyond these links to news stories. Blogging used to be fun and held out lots of promises very few of which have beeen realised. Twitter is going the same way. Indeed the entire web is going the same way. Suddenly, real life with real people in the flesh, real discussion, debate and argument seems very attractive again. Anyway, enjoy: