Amanda Knox is a psycopath?

After reading this piece of drivel I decided to send the writer an email asking her to clarify a few things.

Dear Dr. Covington,

I am about to comment on your piece about Amanda Knox, in First Post, but I would like to confirm a few details before doing so.

For which subject was your BA awarded? Do you hold a psychology degree? Are you a qualified clinical psychologist? Do you have any forensic psychology qualifications? Did you, or any agent on your behalf, attend any part of the trial of Amanda Knox in Italy? How many murder trials have you attended? How should a murder suspect behave during a long trial? Do innocent people behave differently from guilty ones? In what way? If so, could you point me to any respected, peer-reviewed research results to back this up?

You say in the piece that 'during the next few days, Knox was seen to repeatedly press her hands to her temples, a gesture interpreted as trying to get rid of what was in her mind'. Interpreted by whom? Do you think such an interpretation has the slightest validity? If so, could you again back this up with independent scientific data?

Are you seriously comparing Knox's demeanour to Adolf Eichmann? You are clearly too young to have attended Eichmann's trial but perhaps you have been privy to film footage of him at his trial beyond the very short clips which the rest of us have seen? In any case, what is the evidence that Eichmann was a psychopath? Hannah Arendt, who had the advantage of attending the trial in person and writing a classic work about it, certainly didn't think so. Several fully medically qualified psychiatrists who examined Eichmann prior to his trial agreed with her.  I have other questions but this will do to be going on with.

I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Power

I'll be interested in the response, if any.  Her doctorate was in sociology.