See you in 2010, maybe.**

UPDATE: Ignore my comments below about blogging. Since giving up Twatting I've rediscovered the joys of my long neglected blog and I shall post here as and when I feel like it. The Christmas wishes stil apply, of course.

I'm off until the New Year. 

I've stopped all Tweeting completely now, for good. Had a good run but it became tedious.  You know when you find a nice little pub but within six months it fills up with shitheads? A nice civilised restaurant that gets reviewed and then fills up with noisy hooray henrys People say, never mind, don't let them spoil things, sit in the corner with your friends and ignore it all. No, you need to find a different watering-hole and if you can't you need to stay at home with a nice bottle of wine and a takeaway!  When (if) I get back I'll revamp this blog and just do my own personal thing. I'm tired of Twitter, blogging, social media blah, blah. It mostly bores me now and takes up far too much time for no great reward. There also seem to be a great many more dickheads around than there used to be and I'm utterly fed up with them. I've got tons of stuff to do and I'd do more of it without the distraction of Twitter and the rest. I also think these things have run their course. Something else will replace them and when it does I've no doubt I'll investigate and give it a try. But for me, the shark has been well and truly jumped.

Truth is, nobody gives a shit. Mention Nadine Dorries, Paul Staines or Iain Dale to most people and they wouldn't have a clue what you were on about. None of this stuff matters in the end. 99% of people on the web would rather read about the women Tiger Woods has fucked or about the death of a member of a poxy boy-band. It's the law of diminishing returns and for me they've diminished to almost nothing.

I'm glad that young people seem to be showing absolutely no interest in blogging or tweeting. It means there is hope yet. 

Have a lovely Christmas and a happy, prosperous and productive 2010. TTFN! :-))

UPDATE: I've completed the design revamp already. Just used an old header, tweaked it and matched the font colours accordingly. Then changed the font and some font sizes and Bob's your uncle! Piece of piss this web design lark! :-))

UPDATE 2: ** Make that - definitely! :-))