I don't beeelieeeeeve it! #893

UPDATE  5-30pm: Radio 1 has backed down!  They decided that in the context of this song the word 'faggot' had 'no negative connotation'. Do what?

Well it certainly wasn't meant as a term of endearment, that's for sure.

Radio 1 censors Pogues' Fairytale

BBC Radio 1 has said it will stand by its ban on the word "faggot" from the Pogues' 1987 Christmas hit Fairytale of New York to avoid offence.
Who's going to be offended after hearing it for the last twenty years, for fuck's sake? The phrase 'Happy Christmas your arse' and 'an old slut on junk' will, however remain unaffected. You will also be able to hear the full version on Radio 2.

Radio 1 has an embarrassing history of banning records. Remember 'Relax' way back in 1984? Banned by Radio 1 for its 'suggestive' lyrics. 20 years later Frankie Goes to Hollywood's manager back in '84 was listening to Wogan on his car radio at 8-30 am and what comes on? Yep you guessed. Relax. On Radio 2! On Wogan!