That's the way to do it #267

Rachel from north London (who got married last Saturday) has been doing sterling work today popping up on radio and TV in the wake of the terrorist convictions to press her, and other 7/7 victims' demands for a public enquiry:
I have just been carried over the threshold of our house by my gorgeous husband, put down my bags of wonderful wedding presents, jumped into a suit and am off to do interviews in ten minutes. You can see me and some of the other survivors and families on BBC News 24, ITN, ITN Special investigation tonight, C4 News, Newsnight, BBC London early evening news programme, Panorama, CNN, BBC Breakfast, various radio stuff, and you'll see us all again tomorrow, when the stakes will be raised.
I've just seen her performance on Newsnight and Paul 'Guido' Staines she was not! :)

Congratulations and well done!