The Moron Report

Tygerland has a video of Andrew Keen, author of The Cult of the Amateur, who claims that Web 2.0 is destroying culture and eroding moral values.

This reviewer at Amazon sums up Keen pretty well:
Andrew Keen is that classic sort of British reactionary: the sort that would bemoan the loss of the word "gay" to the English language, and regret the damage caused by industrial vacuum cleaners on the chimney sweeping industry. His book is impassioned, but simple-minded, harkening to those simpler times which concludes that our networked economy has pointlessly exalted the amateur, ruined the livelihood of experts, destroyed incentives for creating intellectual property, delivered to every man-jack amongst us the ability - never before possessed - to create and distribute our own intellectual property and monkeyed around mischievously with the title to property wrought from the very sweat of its author's brow.
And this comment made me smile:
I also find it mildly amusing, that while prepping for his appearance on the Colbert Report, Keen thought it would be a wise idea to reach out for suggestions on how to effectively debate Stephen Colbert (read above) on the very same "internet" he was going on the show to speak out against... on the very same web page which is (promoting) his book that purports the very same ideology... which is being sold over the FRIGGIN INTERNET...
Game, set and match!